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Harem pants, Aladdin Pants, Bohemian Pants and Boho pants and trousers are loose, baggy and caught in at the ankle with elastic and waist band. There are different prints and styles in harem pants such as mandala, bohemian, peacock, Aladdin, genie etc. Harem pants are significantly more lightweight than ordinary stockings and yoga pants, allowing for better airflow when worn for outing, on occasions or for yoga sessions that keeps comfy and make you feel cool. When pants have pockets, we all know how important it is as we can keep our stuff like wallet, mobile phone etc. 

Harem pants, Bohemian or Boho pants easily conform to a person with any size or height while being complimentary for everybody. Not only these super comfy harem pants or bohemian pants feel light and look good, they can also be multi-purposed to wear casually or you can dress them up for yoga sessions and any other occasions. 

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