About Napat Clothing…

Boho Chic Napat Clothing

What can you find at Napat Clothing?

The widest collection of Thai harem pants , Boho-chic Style(link) and leisure clothing can be found at Napat Clothing. We warmly encourage you to check our website because we are absolutely sure you’ll find something you’ll love. We are always renewing our gorgeous trending outfits for people with different interests.


Napat Clothing Retail process

How does Napat Clothing do it?

Here in Napat Clothing, we are proud to have developed a production process that let us offer people from Chiang Mai, great working conditions; time to spare with their families and working as much as they decide to. The outcome is garments full of love, care quality.

Napat Clothing Story

Napat starts as an initiative to offer the beautiful bohemian style clothing from northern Thailand to the world. Merging knowledge of three generations we are able to offer different styles of  clothing and help you #feelFree to express yourself by choosing comfortable and pretty good looking apparel. Since our beginnings we have grown helping big and small companies achieve their goals, many of them are the leaders in their local markets now. Nowadays, we have expanded our sales to almost every part of the world. Now, with our new retail site everybody can have our amazing products and enjoy an astonishing look.